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Get Outta My Head!

Ashlee Simpson
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Welcome to the Ashlee Simpson community.

1. No Ashlee bashing.
If you dislike her so much then why waste your time saying something nasty about her?
But if you still feel you must act as though you are 12, please visit anti_ashlee or antiashlee.

2. If you bash her once, you will be banned and reported to livejournal administration. Consider this your warning. This community is for her fans.

3. No harrassing of any kind.

4. If you have something like a large picture, more than 3 icons, a long post that you'd like to share, quizzes, polls, etc, please put it behind a cut tag. If you do not cut tag something, and I or someone else comments you reminding you to place it behind a cut tag, please do so. If this is not done with in two days your post will be deleted. You may post icons, pictures, graphics, articles, news, whatever you'd like. Just make sure to credit icons if you take them.

5. Only post things Ashlee Simpson related. This should be obvious.

6. Please don't post countless times about how much love Ashlee. We all love her, obviously, since we joined this community. It's a given.

7. Try to avoid posting introductions. If you're going to, add a picture or a tidbit of Ashlee news. If you'd like a further explination for this rule, read this post.


9. Posts that violate the above four rules will be deleted.

10. No sticky caps, please. And use the spellcheck. It's your new best friend.

11. Please do not post asking for help on layouts, journals, etc. If you need help, try howto, here, or here. There are numerous communities that offer to help with layouts and such out there.

12. If you're going to post graphics or pictures of yourself and Ashlee, please post it friends only.

13. Please be nice!

14. If your account becomes deleted, then your membership to the community will be revoked. If this should occur, but you choose to restart your journal, then you must re-join the community.

15. Any questions, comments, suggestions, concerns or issues should be addressed to the moderator:

Thank you to je_suis_alle for the graphics.

Have questions regarding basic LJ functions, including how to do an LJ-cut or where to go for graphics/icon requests? Go here to find the answers!

Need help finding pictures/news/information/lyrics/favorite colors? Go here for several links that may help you!

Got a website and want to promote the community? Go here or here for graphics to use!

Go here to join.
To post in the community go here.

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