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15th-Nov-2009 09:23 am(no subject)
casey & do or die time
CREDIT allldowntheline (3 l's!) &/or onepunkymisfit.

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[3] Adam Lambert
[14] Ashlee Simpson
[5] David Archuleta
[3] David Archuleta & David Cook
[106] David Cook & The Anthemic
[2] Paul McCartney
[5] Ryan Star
[2] U2


25th-Oct-2009 04:30 pm - icons.
[59] ashlee simpson icons.

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24th-Oct-2009 12:43 pm(no subject)
demi lovato
taylor momsen

ashlee simpson
miley cyrus
pixie lott

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12th-Sep-2009 12:19 pm(no subject)
15 Ashlee Simpson, Miley Cyrus, Michelle Trachtenberg
05 Melrose Place
25 The Vampire Diaries
13 Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder


h e r e @ forblueskys
12th-Sep-2009 07:42 pm - 15 ashlee icons

here at cookiescene

24th-Aug-2009 03:04 pm - Melrose Place Article
There is also a video at the source. Even though it's mainly about Ashlee it talks A LOT about the new melrose place :) 


Ashlee Simpson-Wentz says it doesn't matter if Bronx, her son with rocker hubby Pete Wentz, decides to go into show business someday.

"I'm all about whatever it is Bronx likes to do and wants to do," Ash told E! News at Saturday's Melrose Place party in L.A. "Definitely going to follow what it is that he loves and hope to be a great parent in that way."

As for the return of Melrose, she said, "It's great to have some of the old cast members but at the same time, it's definitely a new show and hopefully we'll entertain the previous Melrose Place fans."

One of those former stars is Laura Leighton, who reprises her role of Sydney Andrews. Colin Eggelsfield, who plays her love interest, Auggie Kirkpatrick, says things are gonna get hot between them.

How so? Read on to get the steamy details...

"Let's just say when my mom watches one of my scenes with Sydney, she'll have to leave the room," Eggelsfield told us at last week's InStyle Summer Soiree event in West Hollywood.

So what does that mean, exactly?

"Laura's character and mine are both recovering alcoholics and we meet in AA," Eggelsfield said. "Our characters end up hooking up, and Laura guided me through the filming process on set."

"Laura's like, 'Is it OK if I grab you here?'" Eggelsfield continued with a laugh. "'I'm going to throw you against the wall here, I'm going to put my elbow behind you to brace your impact, and then when I throw you down on the couch and lift your leg up, is it OK if I go this far? Or how flexible are you?' She's a great tutor."

—Reporting by Dahvi Shira

Jessica Simpson courtesy Brian Lindensmith/Getty Images

Jessica Simpson is sporting a new diamond ring today.

No, she and Tony Romo haven't reconciled with an engagement.

Ms. Simpson hit a listening party in Hollywood last night for An-Ya, a Russian pop singer signed to Joe Simpson's music label. Before the night was over, Jessica walked away with a $10,000 5-carat ring from party host jewelry designer Pascal Mouawad's Black and White Diamond Collection.

"If you didn't already know Jessica just went through a breakup, you really would have no way of telling from the way she was behaving at the event," an eyewitness reported. "She really seemed happy."

While Jessica refused to do media at the soiree, Papa Joe gave us an update on his unlucky-in-love offspring.

"She's good," Joe said. "She's doing very good."

Not too sure if she'll be feeling the same when she gets wind of US Weekly's new cover story. The celeb tabloid claims Romo is already smitten with a new gal, recent college graduate Natalie Smith (her dad is the athletic director from Romo's alma mater, Eastern Illinois University).

Smith denies to the mag that there was a romance. A rep for Romo declined to comment when we asked about the report earlier today.

At least Jessica has work to help take her mind away from Romo. Joe said they leave for Japan in a couple of weeks to work on her upcoming VH1 reality show about beauty.

—Reporting by Dahvi Shira


I hope she REALLY is doing well. i really want her to be happy like Ashlee and get back with nick hahahahahaha

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